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Karan Singh

“My brother-in-law, Gurwinder Singh recommended Mr. Chaudhry as a visa consultant to me. New Zealand has different qualification levels than india and at first, I did not understand them. Mr. Chaudhry mapped out the differences to me. He asked me several questions to determine if I met the requirements of a New Zealand student visa. Once satisfied, he explained visa rules to me and then to my parents when they visited him separately. He is exceptionally patient for a man who is constantly busy. Both branches of my family have a lot to thank him for. I was referred to Mr. Chaudhry by my brother-in-law, Gurwinder Singh.”

Mandeep Osahan

“I got student visa to study at University of Sunderland, England through Mr. Chaudhry when UK was denying entry to many Indian students. I think I was accepted partly due to the fact that my visa file was meticulously prepared. Mr. Chaudhry went a step ahead, attaching proofs and documents that were not explicitly asked for but were important. In total, I think my file was reviewed four or five times before submission to the embassy. A few years later, my sister also applied for student visa for Canada through Mr. Chaudhry and that was successful too.”

Sultan Singh Dhaliwal

“No fake promises and fair fees- that is how I will describe Mr. Gaurav Chaudhry’s method of working with student visas. My experience was completely positive, from choosing a university to preparing for student visa interview. I was reluctant to pursue accountancy but now, I am thankful to him for gently but persistently turning me towards it. I have a top level job with Japanese company. I heard he has now started a new venture called EDUPLANET with his old staff. I am sure this will be a success too. Nevertheless, I wish him all the best. I was referred to Mr. Chaudhry by my friend, Gurnoor Singh who also got his visa in a couple of days “


“In addition to applying for my visa through Mr. Chaudhary, I prepared for my IELTS test at his institute. I could not attend classes during my allotted time slot due to personal reasons and my trainer and counsellor worked together to make a flexible schedule for me. The trainer kept records of the progress of each student and shared them with us. Each Saturday, we were given mock testes that helped me predict my performance. I finally scored 7.5 bands overall! I am also thankful for the assistance they provided in course selection, Masters of Food and Science Technology.”

Karan Marwaha

“Before I settled on Mr. Chaudhry as my visa consultant, I went around asking at offices of many agents in my city. They all had swanky offices and constantly bugged me with telephone calls afterwards. However, I found they fell flat when we came to discussing the exact course. Most of them gave generic answers or read straight off university brochures. Mr. Chaudhry knew about the course contents, credits and even the vacation schedules of universities. He stopped only to verify a fact or two from papers; he could answer all my queries off his mind. I found his experience about visa applications as extensive as his knowledge about my course was. I was never given conflicting directions for getting my documentation ready. In all, we found a well- rounded visa application in a very short time and my visa came as expected.”

Abhishek Gupta

“The whole team of Eduplanet is very supportive and brilliant”

Thakur Gurjot Singh

“Eduplanet is the only consultancy that works as a family. And I’m very lucky to have found this place”

Rajit Duggal

“Highly grateful to team Eduplanet led by Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary. It is the best institute for IELTS coaching and student visa.”

Joydeep Singh

“Extremely polite and informative team. The team led by Mr. Gaurav Chaudhry helped me with my visa processing with utmost care and effort. Very happy to be a part of the Eduplanet family.”